Aura Digital Workforce

Robotic process automation can save organizations millions of dollars annually. See why the Aura Digital Workforce is the Top tier of RPA solutions! Don't believe us? Try it for yourself and you will see why!

  • 96%Customer Satisfaction
  • 10+Years Helping People
  • 50KLicensed Users
  • 25+Countries

Aura Digital Workers can view computer screens just like a human

The Aura Digital Worker has artificial intelligence at it's core. Our US patented technology uses computer vision to see all computer controls on the screen, unlike any other RPA tool on the market. This, combined with Enterprise grade text extraction, allows Aura to interact with software interfaces just as a human would.

Making automations much easier to build and robust against UI changes.

Aura Interface
Aura Desktop Assistant

Introducing Aura

The Aura Desktop Assistant will guide you in executing and monitoring all your automated tasks. All tasks are done in the background via Remote Desktop so your most important work will not be interrupted.

Cognillo's Aura platform comes with a set of services powered by Machine Learning which provide users with an arsenal of utilities to perform their work more easily and effectively.
Working effectively requires the right tools - employ Aura to your workplace now to start automating day-to-day tasks.

Create workflows easily

Our easy to use instruction sets allow you to setup multiple workflows quickly and effortlessly. No coding knowledge required written in plain English.

Sample Workflow

navigate to ""
enter "Contoso" for company name
enter "Bob" for first name
enter "Smith" for last name
enter "555-555-5555" for mobile phone
enter "" for email
click "key features" label
click "Start Trial" button
Aura Desktop Assistant

Empower your users. This is a must have for every Business Power User.

Leverage the power now available through Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing. Empower your users with software robots to help them achieve maximum efficiency, to automate business processes, using robot assistants for them in the Aura Digital Workforce.

Aura Digital Workforce Key Benefits and Features

  • World's 1st RPA built on AI
  • U.S Patented Technology
  • Designed for business users
  • Fast learning curve
  • No developers needed
  • No CSS selectors required
  • No VBScript required
  • No HTML knowledge required
  • A real 'No code / Low code solution'
  • Adapts well to UI changes
  • Includes technical support

Aura Digital Workforce

Starting at USD


  • Enterprise
  • v1.8.9.2 BETA
  • Last updated: Dec 28th 2022

Current Components

  • Aura Desktop Assistant - tool to build & run automations
  • Aura Desktop Worker - agent that executes automations

License Type

  • Incl. Software Assurance
  • Annual Subscription
  • See Licensing our FAQs
  • Enterprise Cloud 'floating' licenses available on request

Client TestimonialsSee how we have impacted our customers

"A great product coupled with ourstanding service!"
Amanda Neves Scotia Bank
"It is a regulary used tool, providing reports to site owners to help manager their SharePoint sites. In summary, it has been very useful to our operational needs."
SNC Lavalin
Sam Poutolio IT Manager / SNC Lavalin
"Perfect for our 700 GB site collection that needed to be moved. Wish I found them sooner!"
Network Rail
Pam Carlin Sharepoint Enginer / Network Rail

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