SharePoint Top 5 Features for Newbies

SharePoint as a brand has been around for quite a few years now. I remember when the name was first announced back with the release of SharePoint Portal Server 2001. Since then we have been through multiple iterations, almost lost …

SharePoint Permission Levels

Blog written by: 
Dhaval Shah
SharePoint & .Net Consultant


Content Management is one of the major and widely used offerings of SharePoint. SharePoint portals are setup and used effectively for better content management. When the content comes in to …

Remote PowerShell to Manage SharePoint on-premises

Remote PowerShell Manage SharePoint on-premises

As you may already know, using PowerShell to manage SharePoint has incredible benefits. Being able to run PowerShell REMOTELY (not directly on the server) can offer even more benefits as you may need to manage …

SharePoint Online User Permission Reports

Blog written by: 
Dhaval Shah
SharePoint & .Net Consultant


In this article, I have developed a PowerShell script to get a ‘User with Direct Access Permissions Report’ from SharePoint online in CSV format.

This script will:

  • Check a specific

What is Office 365?

You have probably heard of SharePoint and also used the Office suite such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. However, you keep hearing about Office 365 (O365) and how it is helping organizations be more productive and enable users to do …