Bulk Edit and Classify

for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019

Bulk Edit and Classify

This simple to use SharePoint add-on allows Site Owners and SharePoint Users to select or 'check' multiple items or documents and modify their metadata in bulk.

Supports bulk updating content types, people picker fields, date/time fields, text, number and many more. Includes ability to build a query before updating or deleting, such as updating all items from Content Type A to Content Type B and set the appropriate values. Mapping field values is also supported (such as from the field 'Name' to 'Title'). Provides a confirmation screen to ensure the user knows what they are modifying.

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Solution Type

  • Farm / on-premise only
  • Version
  • Last Updated April 2018


  • Supports all Document Libraries & List types
  • Easy to use
  • Bulk Edit Content Types, People Picker, Date fields (not normally supported by SharePoint), etc.
  • Bulk Update Item metadata based on user defined criteria
  • Allows updating all selected items at once (same metadata), or one at a time
  • Allows deleting items based on matching criteria, provides confirmation screens
  • Optionally auto-check out and check in
  • Selectively update only blank fields
  • Retain Author information such as Last Modified

License Type

  • Perpetual (One-time)
  • 1 license required per farm
  • Technical Support & Software Assurance available $300USD per year (optional)
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