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SharepointBusiness Tools

The SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Enterprise Suite includes multiple solutions to give you and your team greater control over your SharePoint environment. Providing users with all of the reports and administrative features they need to get the job done.

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SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Enterprise Suite
Automation Software Robots & Workflow Automation

AutomationSoftware Robots & Workflow Automation

Introducing the World's first robotic process automation software with AI at its core.

Our US Patented product, The Genta Automation will automate (Web or Windows based software) work processes, such as data extraction and data entry.

Genta digital workers can perform tasks to automate office processes such as Finance purchase order processing, HR onboarding, Insurance Claims processes and many others. Using Computer Vision (CV) we trained Genta automation workers on tens of thousands of screenshots to learn where computer controls are and how to action them.

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"A great product coupled with ourstanding service!"
Amanda Neves Scotia Bank
"It is a regulary used tool, providing reports to site owners to help manager their SharePoint sites. In summary, it has been very useful to our operational needs."
SNC Lavalin
Sam Poutolio IT Manager / SNC Lavalin
"An extremely useful tool.
Microsoft Sharepoint MVP
Vlad Catrinescu Sharepoint MVP
"We have found your tools easy to use, useful and intuituve. It has also been a pleasure working with you and your support staff. Look forward to the next release!"
Sylvia Sue-Packard SharePoint Consultant
"Extremely useful for our migration."
Joseph Jassey Senior Program Manager / Microsoft
"Perfect for our 700 GB site collection that needed to be moved. Wish I found them sooner!"
Network Rail
Pam Carlin Sharepoint Enginer / Network Rail

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