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SharePoint Permissions Tool
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Secure your SharePoint Sites.

This simple but powerful management utility allows Site Owners to automate the creation of SharePoint Permission Reports & perform permission tasks more efficiently.

Use this tool to help enforce SharePoint Security Best Practices by first gaining insight into the current state.

(NOTE: SharePoint Permissions Manager is a component of the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit.)

SharePoint Security at its Best

Simple SharePoint Permissions Management Tool.

Working with SharePoint Permissions never got easier, simply select one or more sites and click Create Permissions Report. See why users are calling our product the top SharePoint User Management tool!

The tool will generate multiple reports which you can further customize by simple drag and drop, then save your personalized reports for re-use as a template!

Clean up SharePoint Permissions.

Review SharePoint permissions across multiple sites, in a single SharePoint Permission report. Easily identify issues and resolve permission issues found.

It's simple!

Find users with access to content that they should not have, find domain accounts or orphaned/inactive users that must be removed, select checkboxes for all these accounts in bulk, click 'Remove'!
You can also schedule reports, and adding/removing of accounts, and much more.

SharePoint Champions

SharePoint Security Reports

Powerful SharePoint Permissions Management for Users

SharePoint Permissions Manager works with 'least priviledged access'. Meaning, the tool will work with a minimal set of administrative rights to ensure users who need to see who has access, do not have to be Site Admins or Owners.

Only requires SharePoint Read + Enumerate Permissions, needed to manage SharePoint permissions and build permission reports.

SharePoint Permissions Management Tool Key Benefits and Features

  • No server side installation
  • Does not require Farm / Global / SharePoint Admin or Site Collection Admin rights
  • Only requires Read + Enumerate Permissions to build reports
  • Bulk remove and/or add Permissions
  • Create ad-hoc re-usable report templates
  • Export SharePoint Permissions Reports to SharePoint on a schedule
  • Detailed Permission reports at the Site, List and Item level
  • Report on a User or group's access across multiple sites in a single report
  • Customizable report gives hundreds of potential report options
  • Find where 'Everyone' or 'Domain Users' is used throughout your sites
  • Built-in tools to fix permissions, and perform clean up tasks easily
  • Copy or Transfer Permissions. Grant or revoke rights
  • Secure content and track access and share requests
  • Multiple Site wide Access Request reports
  • Find all orphaned user accounts across multiple sites
  • Show access granted through SharePoint groups and Active Directory groups
  • Live Explorer let's you view SharePoint Group members easily and quickly
  • Live Explorer let's you add or remove SharePoint Group members immediately
  • View a snapshot of Permissions for an entire Site Collection
  • Learn about User Permissions, Security Settings and Events
  • Externally Shared Content, all Sites with External Sharing
  • Report on all content with Anonymous Links and Shared Links
  • Search for permissions of specific accounts and how they were granted access
  • Create Permission Job templates to bulk add or remove permissions for re-use

SharePoint Permissions Management Tool

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  • Enterprise Suite 2019
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Solution Type

  • Client Application
  • Supports Microsoft SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365/SharePoint Online

License Type

  • No limit on web applications and farms
  • Licensed by No. of Users & No. of Site Collections (to be managed with tool)
  • Includes unlimited technical support
  • Includes software assurance
  • (Recommended) See the SharePoint Essentials Toolkit Suite, this product is included in that bundle.

Client TestimonialsSee how we have impacted our customers

"A great product coupled with ourstanding service!"
Amanda Neves Scotia Bank
"It is a regulary used tool, providing reports to site owners to help manager their SharePoint sites. In summary, it has been very useful to our operational needs."
SNC Lavalin
Sam Poutolio IT Manager / SNC Lavalin
"Perfect for our 700 GB site collection that needed to be moved. Wish I found them sooner!"
Network Rail
Pam Carlin Sharepoint Enginer / Network Rail

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