Aura can make your finance department better

Aura and finance

Your finance department is bogged down with hundreds of invoices, purchase orders, and payroll processes. These processes usually involve many manual touches and are well-established within an organization. Heavily manual processes can take up a lot of time and result in more human errors. All of this could mean your organization is spending more money than it should. 

Aura can reduce – even eliminate – manual touches with its ability to read PDFs and extract customer data. Just as a human would, Aura can take data from a PDF and put it in structured formats, such as Excel. Easily build workflows, using natural human input, to command Aura to extract customer data from hundreds of invoices and purchase orders in a matter of minutes. Onboard new employees into payroll with less human effort and faster – less human effort can mean less money spent.

What is Aura?

Aura is a robotic process automation (RPA) tool that will revolutionize how organizations automate work tasks. Unlike traditional automation products on the market, Aura uses artificial intelligence to view screens and run tasks just as a human would. 

Aura has been trained with tens of thousands of computer screenshots and has learned how to view, discern, and interact with controls on a screen. Aura can handle repetitive yet important tasks, such as getting reports, performing data entry, validating data, categorizing information, analyzing files, capturing data and much more.  

Aura is an extremely powerful tool – a true low-code solution, with a simple-to-use interface to empower every business user. Watch the video below to see examples of how Aura can make your organization’s finance department faster and more efficient.

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