Microsoft Machine Learning Server in Agriculture: How the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Driving the Second Green Revolution

Microsoft Machine Learning Server in Agriculture

Back in the 1940s, American scientist Norman Borlaug triggered the start of the Green Revolution. He first started his research initiatives in Mexico, developing new varieties of wheat.

These were high-yield, disease-resistant varieties, which together with new agricultural technology led

How to Take Your Business on the Next Level with Microsoft Machine Learning Server

A great deal of technological research in recent years is going into making devices such as computers more intelligent. The idea behind it is to equip them with capabilities similar to human cognitive abilities.

Taking place under the collective branch …

Which is the Best Programming Language for Machine Learning in 2019?

best machine learning language 2019

Machine learning has been attracting a lot of attention in recent times as one of the most revolutionary aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There have also been leaping advancements in the technology and software being used in the industry.