Microsoft Machine Learning Server in Agriculture: How the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Driving the Second Green Revolution

Microsoft Machine Learning Server in Agriculture

Back in the 1940s, American scientist Norman Borlaug triggered the start of the Green Revolution. He first started his research initiatives in Mexico, developing new varieties of wheat.

These were high-yield, disease-resistant varieties, which together with new agricultural technology led

Machine Learning for Content Filtering – Winning the Battle against Harassment and Trolling

machine learning content filtering

One of the top challenges facing social networking sites, business websites and other online organizations is harassment and trolling. Due to the unprecedented explosion of user-generated content, various platforms are having a hard time keeping tabs on what is appropriate …

7 Steps to Correct Data Preparation for Machine Learning

In the present day business landscape, data is at the core of decisions with every organization coming up with new ways to gather as much as they can from all sources. Having plenty of data at hand is important but …

Machine Learning Chatbots: What You Should Know about Neural Conversation Agents

Machine Learning Chatbots: What You Should Know about Neural Conversation Agents

Artificial intelligence has brought about a revolution in countless aspects of our life. By now, many people have had an encounter with, or at least heard of Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana. These and other neural conversation agents have …

Microsoft Cognitive Services – Democratization of AI

microsoft cognitive services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds tons of potential for app development. But oftentimes, harnessing this potential requires developers to reinvent the wheel for every new app. This poses a wide range of challenges particularly for developers with limited expertise in machine …

How Machine Learning With the Help of SharePoint Can Revolutionize the Manufacturing Industry

In a 2017 article entitled “Artificial intelligence isn’t the scary future. It’s the amazing present,” the Chicago Tribune quoted a statement that may have sounded insane back then. The article quoted Computer Science Professor David Gelernter as saying:

“The coming

SharePoint and Machine Learning – Harnessing the Potential of Corporate Big Data with Intelligence and Automation

Five years back, SharePoint was limited to being a small to mid-size data tool. Having posed some limitations for big data SharePoint would not be an ideal candidate for machine learning algorithms – as SharePoint had limitations such as the …

How to Take Your Business on the Next Level with Microsoft Machine Learning Server

A great deal of technological research in recent years is going into making devices such as computers more intelligent. The idea behind it is to equip them with capabilities similar to human cognitive abilities.

Taking place under the collective branch …

How to Make Use of Machine Learning Capabilities in Office 365

If you are a business operator, you certainly understand the importance of enhancing processes to optimize performance. Business is dynamic and in order to remain relevant, there is a constant need to reevaluate strategies and keep up with the changing …

To Build Your Own or Outsource Machine Learning System – Why Developers Love Cognitive Services API

A few years back, building a machine learning system or model belonged in the realm of science fiction. Fast forward to the present day, resources are more accessible than ever before. Whether you decide to cobble together your own model …