Microsoft Machine Learning Server in Agriculture: How the Fourth Industrial Revolution is Driving the Second Green Revolution

Microsoft Machine Learning Server in Agriculture

Back in the 1940s, American scientist Norman Borlaug triggered the start of the Green Revolution. He first started his research initiatives in Mexico, developing new varieties of wheat.

These were high-yield, disease-resistant varieties, which together with new agricultural technology led

Microsoft Cognitive Services – Democratization of AI

microsoft cognitive services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds tons of potential for app development. But oftentimes, harnessing this potential requires developers to reinvent the wheel for every new app. This poses a wide range of challenges particularly for developers with limited expertise in machine …

How Artificial Intelligence is Powering the Energy Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is continuously expanding its scope and gaining wider coverage in countless industries. One such sector is the energy industry which is currently undergoing fundamental changes.

The Need for Artificial Intelligence in Energy and Utilities

At its core, …