How to manage 5 common SharePoint post migration issues.

The COVID era completely reshaped the landscape for how companies run their IT environments.  Many companies chose to make the jump to cloud SaaS offerings (e.g. Microsoft 365), but there is also a large percentage of companies that continue …

How Machine Learning With the Help of SharePoint Can Revolutionize the Manufacturing Industry

In a 2017 article entitled “Artificial intelligence isn’t the scary future. It’s the amazing present,” the Chicago Tribune quoted a statement that may have sounded insane back then. The article quoted Computer Science Professor David Gelernter as saying:

“The coming

SharePoint and Machine Learning – Harnessing the Potential of Corporate Big Data with Intelligence and Automation

Five years back, SharePoint was limited to being a small to mid-size data tool. Having posed some limitations for big data SharePoint would not be an ideal candidate for machine learning algorithms – as SharePoint had limitations such as the …

SharePoint Online User Permission Reports

How to build SharePoint Permissions Reports

Blog written by: 
Dhaval Shah
SharePoint & .Net Consultant


In this article, I have developed a PowerShell script to build a SharePoint Permissions Report I call ‘Users with Direct Access Permissions Report’. This …

Connect to Office 365 and SharePoint Online using PowerShell

SharePoint Online Permissions Management

Connect to Office 365 and SharePoint Online using PowerShell

In this article, we will create new users to your SharePoint online environment, and also add these users to Office 365 Groups using Remote PowerShell. This tutorial should help get you …